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Carpet Cleaning Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Believe it or not, the dirtiest part of a home typically isn’t the bathroom, it’s the carpeted surfaces! Carpeting collects mud, dirt and debris that is tracked in from the outdoors. Those particles get trapped inside its fibers. Carpet fibers also attract and trap airborne particles like dust and pollen. Even though carpets serve as excellent air filters, if they are not regularly vacuumed and periodically extracted, they will reach capacity. When this occurs, as people walk over the carpet, the particles have nowhere left to go but back into the air.

 Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning company for your home? Vacuuming your carpets and rugs and spot treating small stains are great in the short run, but nothing cleans carpets deep down like professional steam cleaning, such as provided by Bugajewski.

Since 2004, Bugajewski has built a superb team of carpet cleaning technicians who take great pride in making carpets look their best. As a committed small business in the area, we have honed the process of cleaning carpets efficiently and thoroughly, and at a great price. Our commercial-grade carpet cleaning system provides powerful extraction to remove ground-in dirt and stains. We use environmentally friendly non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions and deodorizers that quickly neutralize odors and leave your carpet looking new again. Regular carpet cleaning by our team can extend the life of your carpet investment. Simply call 215-491-3092 to schedule a carpet cleaning today.

The Bugajewski Difference

Over the years, we have refined our carpet cleaning process to provide the best quality service at an excellent price:

  • First, Bugajewski uses high-powered vacuums to remove surface dirt.
  • Next, a powerful yet safe carpet cleaning solution is applied to help break down and pre-treat tough stains.
  • All Bugajewski cleaning products are safe for people, pets, and the environment.
  • Hot water extraction using a commercial-grade machine is utilized to agitate the solution and cleanse the fibers.
  • The carpet is rinsed to remove any cleaning product residue
  • The excess water, along with the dirt is removed.
  • Your carpets will be dry and ready for regular use within just a few hours.

Call 215-491-3092 today to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Bugajewski offers carpet cleaning for commercial customers throughout the region. Put our 15 years of experience in carpet cleaning to work for you and ensure that your clients, customers and guests will walk into an immaculate building every day. 

With Bugajewski caring for your commercial carpets, you won’t have to guess whether the cleaning crew will arrive on time or whether your carpets will be clean, dry and ready for when you open for business. 

 Clean Commercial Carpets Show Customers You Care

Make a good first impression on your clients with a professionally cleaned carpet that says you care about your business and your clients.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

No matter what industry you’re in, your carpeting sees a high volume of traffic and little mishaps every day.

Bugajewski professionally cleans carpets for a wide variety of commercial clients, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Business offices
  • Medical offices

Bugajewski offers both immediate and routine carpet cleaning services to area businesses, to best meet the needs of our valued customers. If you’ve had a spill, not to worry! We’ll get a crew out right away to remove it and protect your carpeting investment. 

Immediate carpet cleaning keeps your carpets clean, regardless of your circumstances. It also extends the life of your carpet, because spills and dirt from particularly high traffic areas like corridors and reception areas are taken care of quickly. Carpet cleaning by Bukajewski can be scheduled whenever you need it:

  • before & after a special event
  • to minimize the worn appearance of high-traffic areas
  • spot & stain removal
  • odor removal & deodorizing

Carpet cleaning can be scheduled during off-hours to minimize disruption to your employees and customers. Don’t you want the carpet cleaning professionals who value your business and strive to keep it looking its best? Call 215-491-3092 for a free quote to see the difference Bugajewski can make in cleaning your carpets.

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