Vision & Mission

Corporate citizenship is an integral part of our company’s culture and our approach to it strongly supports the Bugajewski Facility Services Vision, Mission and Values. The protection of our environment is part of our corporate strategy.

Our Vision

“Customers trust Bugajewski Facility Services as their preferred provider of cleaning, emergency services and maintenance, leading the commercial, industrial, healthcare, and educational industry in terms of quality, value for their dollars spent and growing market share.”

From our current work, there are signals that our clients have increasingly rigorous expectations of their suppliers in terms of their ethical, social and environmental performance.

Our Mission

Bugajewski Facility Services enhances the business of our customers by offering the highest quality of cleaning, repairs, and rapid emergency services based on our strong local expertise and employee base.

Corporate Values

  1. To deliver excellent quality
  2. To make our customers successful
  3. To act with integrity internally and externally
  4. To foster openness
  5. To be a leader in extreme customer service
  6. To act according to clear priorities
  7. We are committed to goals that generate benefits for the communities where we work
  8. We promote our employees social commitment